The John Jay College Haaren Hall Natatorium Renovation

The John Jay College Haaren Hall Natatorium Renovation project is located on the cellar level of Haaren Hall. The project scope includes but is not limited to the 25 yard, five-lane, 6000SF swimming pool and its' adjacent entry area, men’s and women’s locker rooms, storage/lifeguard/faculty changing room, pool equipment room, small storage room, small adjacent office, and associated equipment in the second-floor mechanical room. A new air-cooled condenser, surrounded by an aluminum screen privacy panel includes the installation of condenser piping running from the new condenser roof-top unit to the mechanical equipment located in the mezzanine mechanical room.

The area housing the Natatorium will be revived with fresh finishes and modern pool equipment. New tile will safeguard the pool's interior and surrounding deck. Doors and windows will be replaced, and new privacy viewing glass will be installed to enhance viewing from the lobby corridor above the pool. Porcelain tile adorning the side walls will compliment an undulating, state of the art, teak ceiling which extends downward toward the privacy viewing window and ends on the pool deck. A wall to wall teak bench poolside will provide generous seating within this climate-controlled, well-lit area which houses a new scoreboard and timing system for competitions and training.

Modernized plumbing and HVAC, contemporary lighting, clean tile floors and bright walls with freshly painted ceilings surround brand new lockers, benches, storage areas, equipment rooms, and the lifeguard changing rooms.

The renovated pool equipment room will house a new filter, heating and chemical system, steel stairs and rails, pit covers, and an epoxy coated floor.

The mechanical room will receive a new dehumidification unit, pumps, and all associated equipment necessary to provide temperature control throughout all the renovated spaces.